A Homemade Salicylic Acid Scrub Can Irritate Sensitive Skin

Read These Natural Remedies For Acne Tips

by Kris Bovay

Finding the right acne treatment is hard enough, but finding acne sensitive skin treatment can be downright difficult. Finding help for acne sensitive skin is important for both your physical and emotional well being. This type of acne is often difficult to deal with because it and can lead to scarred, red, flaky, dried out skin.

Unfortunately there is no one simple acne cure treatment for Acne Sensitive Skin, unlike for whiteheads and blackheads. In fact, those with severe cases often times need to see a doctor or dermatologist for severe acne treatment.

You must know the causes of acne before searching for a gentle cure that will really work. Acne usually results from overactive oil glands which form pustules underneath the skin's surface and whiteheads and blackheads on the surface.

Unfortunately by the time that happens it's too late, the pores are blocked by the irritation, leaving the residuals under the skin. Therefore it's not surprising that most superficial acne skin products are too aggressive to help treat this type of skin.

The first step for sensitive acne treatment is to treat your skin gently. Do not try to push or squeeze whiteheads, this will only damage the skin and leave scars and red marks. A good natural cure for acne sensitive skin prevention is to use a specially formulated pH balanced facial cleanser. Proper pH balance is essential for preventing bacteria overgrowth, reducing oil production, and skin healing.

Besides practicing good hygiene, many people seek out natural remedies for acne such as taking the mineral zinc. Other people have had good results taking vitamin b5 for acne. Studies show that these homemade acne treatments might be helpful in reducing oil production and promoting healthy skin. However, if your acne is due to hormonal imbalances natural remedies may not be enough.

With over 25 years experience researching health and skin problems, the editors of Natural Old Home Remedies have spent months evaluating the best acne produts and found 3 simple Homemade Acne Treatment Facial Masks you can make at home to address the symptoms and acne treatments for sensitive skin.

In addition to learning about Homemade Acne Treatments you'll also find recommendations for the best inexpensive, effective, yet gentle over-the-counter, non-prescription commercial product you can use to eliminate acne problems without irritating and aggravating red, blotchy acne prone skin.

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