Adult Acne Scar Cure - The Worst Thing You Can Do

by Linda Robison

Adult acne pictures frequently show overly dried, agitated, flaky skin. Why? Because acne susceptible adult skin is hypersensitive and must handled very carefully so as to prevent damage. Many acne scar healing remedies are way too harsh for older skin and just make the issue worse.

You will find hundreds of acne scar cures as well as remedies currently available, but not many are designed for mature, wrinkled, or aging skin. This really is surprising considering that nearly 50% of adult women are afflicted by acne as well as acne scars and also over 25% of adult males experience adult male acne.

Epidemiological reports from a variety of publications like the International Journal of Cosmetic Science determined that not only is there a rise in adult onset acne, but the actual acne symptoms lasts for a longer time and scars are harder to treat. A lot of people find they are searching for the best acne scar remedy well into their mid forties.

As you can imagine, this can cause much distress because not only are middle aged adults coping with wrinkles, but with acne scars too! This is why it is important to choose the right acne scar cure that's strong enough to heal scars, but not aggravate or dry out aging skin that's beginning to show signs of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, and age spots.

Acne Scar Healing Remedy For Adult Acne Skin

The main problem with many over-the-counter drug store, or prescription acne and acne scar healing products is that they include severe chemicals like sulfur, alcohol, or benzoyl peroxide that dries out the skin and briefly clears superficial pimples along with whiteheads. But then your sensitive skin "rebounds" and appears even worse, drier, more wrinkled, and haggard in a couple weeks.

The best option is usually to depend on a combination of high quality herbal treatments, plant and sea extracts such as sea kelp together with lactic acid, vitamin B5, ascorbic acid, green tea and cucumber extract. This might sound like a large amount of ingredients, however they can be found in a simple 2 step treatment program.

1. Try a professional grade dermabrasion complex that helps to gradually peel the dead layers of skin and lightly eliminate the ropey, bumpy rough patch of scar material. Plus, as a bonus, a good dermabrasion cream will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles!

2. Step 2 requires a skin "eraser" to help lighten, fade, and lightly bleach damaged red, spotty marks from left over scars as well as imperfections. Here the bonus is you also get to lighten and fade age spots and freckles! Another win- win for you.

The dermabrasion cream really should be applied several times a week and the skin eraser only needs to be used about once a week. While these two therapies maybe slower than laser scar removal remedies or chemical peels, they're less dangerous, affordable, as well as gentle/healing.

And, best of all, many people report significant improvement right after just one treatment and better skin tone and color after a couple weeks. Scientists think it's due to the combination of the dermabrasion peel and glycolic/lactic acid exfoliation which removes and renews skin cells and encourages collagen development. Click here Acne Scar Healing for more information.

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