Natural Remedies For Acne - This Tip Is Almost Too Easy

by Linda Robison

Have you been searching for natural homemade acne treatments? Well, look no further. Here you'll find out about the best natural remedies for acne; that are chemical free. The editors of Natural Old Home Remedies have found and tried several natural herbal remedies for acne. The benefits of natural acne cures are endless, but most important they are free of toxic medications. Click here to learn How To Have Healthy Skin.

At you'll find homemade cleansers, facials, and homemade acne treatments that can easily made from ingredients found in your own kitchen. Making your own natural remedies for acne can help you avoid side effects and the high cost of prescription acne medicine.

Natural Acne Cures - Facial Cleanser The buildup of excess oil and bacteria clog up the pores often leads to breakouts and acne. Keeping the skin clean and the pores unclogged is a must for health clear skin. However, many people with problem skin usually over-washing the skin and drying it out. This only leads to more oil production, and more breakouts. That's why it is important to use a pH balanced, soothing face wash.

In addition to a pH balanced gentle cleanser, you need to exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells to help unclog the pores. A great natural scrub to try is mixing baking soda or sugar and water together. Simply mix a small amount of water to a handful of sugar and/or baking soda until you have a paste-like consistency. Lightly massage this mixture all over your face (avoid the eye area). Your skin will feel super smooth and clean! This scrub is also great for acne scars and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It is advisable to test this out on a small area of skin first and see how it reacts.

Best Acne Treatments - Natural Facial Mask An all natural Facial mask can help sooth irritated skin. Here is a great recipe to try for oily skin: Oily Skin - Egg White Lemon Acne Mask - Whip up egg whites until foamy. Then add 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice. More if your skin is extra oily - Apply this mask where you have acne breakouts and pimples. Let it dry, then rinse it off with cool water. - Apply a specially formulated acne moisturizer if your face feels dry.

Dry Skin - Pineapple Honey Acne Mask Is it possible to have dry skin and still suffer from acne? Yes! This unusual cleansing mask is very helpful for inflamed skin that's dry too. Honey and pineapple both contain natural enzymes that exfoliate dead skin cells and clean the pores without over drying. Honey is also a great oil free moisturizer. Click here for this great Dry Skin Pineapple Honey Acne Mask

Severe Acne Treatment - Use Salicylic Acid Acne In addition to natural kitchen based recipes, we all need convenient natural acne treatments that we can apply daily or take with us when we travel. Consider using a natural sugar based (glycolic/salicylic acid) acne treatment daily. This combination of glycolic/salicylic acid is a great way to dissolve pore clogging oils and reduce whiteheads/blackheads, and minimize pores and wrinkles, and stimulate collagen production. Visit Natural Old Home Remedies for more information.

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