Remedies For Breakouts? Make Sure To Use The Right Herbal Soap For Acne

by Linda Robison

Many people over look a good herbal soap for acne when searching for remedies for breakouts. Acne suffers know how hard it is to find a good acne face wash. Many of them contain benzoyl peroxide which strips the skin sebum. This protective layer of oil protects against skin damage, inflammation, redness, and even infection.

In addition, many acne face wash creams and gels don't take into consideration the different types of skin acne suffers have.....acne skin can also be dry, a combination, or even mature. Studies show that over 50% adult women suffer from acne and over 25% of all males experience acne problems. So many people are not only concerned about acne, but wrinkles too. That is why your herbal soap for acne should clean without irritation, help heal skin, reduce breakouts and reduce discoloration and protect it from aging.

Herbal Acne Soap - What Type is Best?

First, make sure your acne wash is free from chemicals like: fragrances, petrochemicals, dyes, parabens, sodium Laureth sulfate, etc.... These ingredients will aggravate acne sensitive skin. And make sure your acne soap contains skin healing like: , chamomile, Wild Thyme, rosemary, and tea tree.

Herbal soaps that are natural and without harmful additives can help protect your skin and help add to your beauty.
Why are these herbs so great for acne prone skin? Well, they work together to help heal acne and protect prone skin. Take tea tree oil for example, it is a powerful antiseptic agent which can help kill acne causing bacteria - much like benzoyl peroxide but it's not as harsh and does not burn or over dry the skin.

Another great skin herb is Rosemary. This herb smells wonderful and is cooling and soothing to the skin. It also an anti-inflammatory and can help calm red, irritated skin. Wild thyme is a great antiseptic and also helps reduce bacteria that can cause breakouts.

Lastly, make sure your cleanser is pH balanced, yet strong enough to remove dirt, makeup, excess oils, and unclog pores.
Don't forget to use cleansers that are ph balanced. Your cleanser also needs to be able to thoroughly cleanse your face.

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